What you should not do when hiring a lawyer

If you follow the steps and suggestions above you won’t have to worry much, but below are a few recommendations on what you should avoid:

1. Never sign anything if you have doubts
It is normal that you feel somewhat lost throughout the process and it is normal that you do not understand or are not familiar with all the terms related to your case. If your lawyer is not willing to answer all your questions and explain everything to you in a simple way, he is probably not the best lawyer for you Law notes.

2. Don’t hire a lawyer who is pushy about his services
You always have the right to choose the lawyer you think best suits your case and you even have the right to decide that you do not need a lawyer at all. Stay away from lawyers who are pushy with phone calls, emails, or contact you insistently in any other way.

3. Do not hire a lawyer just because he or she is a family member or acquaintance
Getting a lawyer may seem intimidating and you may prefer to simply hire a family member, friend, etc. Remember that if you decided to hire a lawyer instead of solving the problem yourself, it is because it is an important issue for you, possibly with real consequences in your life. The harder you work to find a lawyer who specializes in cases like yours, who you trust, and who is within your budget, the better your chances of resolving your situation in the best way possible.

4. Don’t hire a lawyer too early
Do not hire a lawyer before you have clearly defined your situation and before you are sure that it is really necessary to hire a lawyer. Many people waste money by starting a process they are unwilling to finish or changing focus mid-process.

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