• Apart from following the previous tips, it is essential that you also take the following into account:
  • Set a schedule (day and time) for your video posts and stick to it so your audience gets used to it.
  • Create alliances with other channels so that more people know you and you gain reputation male comments.
  • Make videos that address trending topics.
  • Hold giveaways and contests, and keep what you promise so you don’t lose subscribers and earn more thanks to your credibility.
  • Categorize your videos using playlists with attractive titles.
  • Invite your audience to subscribe to your channel.

And of course, it offers quality videos. Not only in production and editing but also in content. Invest in a good camera and microphone, record in spaces with good aesthetics and lighting, and develop themes that are useful and interesting to your viewers.

Have you already put these tips into practice to get subscribers on YouTube? Have they worked for you? Share your experience with us in the comments.


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