A Beginner’s Guide To Dustless Floor Sanding

Most home owners associate floor restoration with sanding. This is not entirely misguided as floor sanding is one of the most common services offered by floor restoration companies. The process of sanding helps not only with the elimination of flaws on the wood but also with preparation of the surface for staining and polishing. Despite being such an important step, it can be quite messy with all the dust from the stripping process. It is for this very reason that the dustless floor sanding technique was introduced. This has pretty much revolutionized floor restoration for both professionals and home owners alike. Below is all that you need to know about it in terms of what it is and what you have to look forward to in terms of benefits basement water removal atlanta.

What is dustless floor sanding?

Dustless floor sanding is a form for floor restoration with sanding where there is very little dust, if any at all, released into the air or the surrounding as the floor is being stripped. In this case, the floor sanders used have a special mechanism that allows simultaneous sanding and collection of the debris. That way, the floor is pretty much cleaned as it is being sanded. This comes in very handy for floor restoration professionals as it allows them to see their work as they continue sanding to ensure even results. It also makes your life a lot easier as you have much less to worry about when it comes to cleaning up once the crew leaves. There are numerous other benefits that you as the home owner have to look forward to as highlighted below.

Is it worth it?

So, with the information so far, is dustless floor sanding worth the investment? Below are 3 benefits that should answer this question for you.

Fresh air
One of the greatest challenges of ordinary floor sanding is the fact that the air is pretty much full of tiny dust particles all through and sometimes even after the project. With dustless floor sanding however, this is not something you have to worry about at all. The collection of the dust by the suction systems ensures that the air is kept fresh and clean which is especially important if there is an asthmatic person in the house.

Easy cleaning
It also makes for easy cleaning once the project is done. No more worrying about dust hiding on the mantle, along wall corners or even within light fixtures and sockets.

Better quality results
This technique also has a major bearing on the final results of the sanding and restoration project. It improves everything from the uniformity of the sanding to the integrity of the polish finishing coats.

Is it any different from ordinary floor sanding?

The only difference between ordinary floor sanding and dustless floor sanding is the fact that the latter is significantly less messy. Other than that, the sanding process and the final results are more or less the same.

Bottom line

With all the great things there are to look forward to with dustless floor sanding, it is not so hard to see why it is such a popular service. Whether it is for your asthma or for the safety of your home accessories, there is no denying the fact that it has changed the floor restoration game.

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