The 5 best tips to gain more likes and followers on Instagram

Earning likes and followers on Instagram is the main goal of thousands of users of the platform. If this is your case, you have come to the right place male comments.

Getting many followers, interactions and more likes on Instagram has become one of the most common goals for users of all types, so it is not strange to find ourselves googling tricks and tips to gain more likes and followers on Instagram.

From businesses and creators to personal accounts, it is not difficult to understand the reason: Instagram has taken over the social media landscape at a dizzying rate, to the point where Instagram is not only the second network with the most active users, but also the first social network in terms of interactions .

This has made marketers, brands and businesses stop seeing the platform as a social network and start seeing it as a powerful marketing channel, which requires different marketing tools to take advantage of the many functions that the platform offers such as ad management, profiles business, statistics and many others that are a fundamental part not only of growing your Instagram followers and likes, but also of making these followers and interactions translate into sales for your business.

Many businesses have even been encouraged to buy followers to boost the growth of their accounts. Despite the skepticism that this practice generates, it is an effective way to grow an Instagram account as long as we do it in the right place like our Instagram followers service, with which you can buy real followers to help you grow your account and gain more exposure for your brand’s content.

Getting Instagram followers to grow your account is constant work. Below we will explain the most essential aspects that you should consider in your strategy.

Publication schedule
Our list of tips to gain more likes and followers on Instagram begins with the posting schedule. When sharing content on your Instagram account you should do so with your audience in mind. That is, you must consider:

Where they are located.
The time when most of your followers usually connect.

The average Instagram user is typically most active on the platform in the morning and evening, just before and after work. However, you can find the best posting times by posting at different times of the day to check which ones receive the most interactions from your Instagram followers . If you don’t know how to start researching the best schedule, you can do the following:

Posting after 5 hours generates more likes and interactions from your followers.
Posting from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. generates more interactions on weekdays.
On weekends the best time in terms of interactions is usually Saturday at 11 a.m.

Spontaneous photos and videos
Generally, behind-the-scenes and organic content tends to get more likes. Most followers want to see what is behind the products you offer and your produced content. Spontaneous content will strengthen your brand’s relationship with your Instagram followers and help them understand what you do and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Showing the faces of your employees will make your followers, and potential customers, feel more confident about your products . A loyal base of Instagram followers is a great indicator of how strong your brand image is, and it can be a determining factor in getting new followers for your Instagram account. And if your goal is to grow your account, buying real followers can help you achieve this, plus having many Instagram followers will make other users of the platform trust your account even more.

User-generated content
User-generated content has proven to be effective in attracting followers on Instagram quickly and easily. But you must know how to use and motivate your followers to create this type of content. You can do it in the following ways:

Start a hashtag trend:
Invite your followers to use unique hashtags you’ve created for your brand. Whether you motivate them to show how they use any of your products or any content related to your offer.

Get material from different sources:
Search for follower content on different sites and platforms and modify it to use on your Instagram account. However, you should keep in mind that you should always give credit to the original creator.

These are some of the ways you can use the content generated by your Instagram followers:

Share the content that your Instagram followers generate in relation to your products or services. The most effective content for getting Instagram followers usually comes from the followers you already have.
Share opinions and testimonials: Gathering the opinion of your Instagram followers and clients to use them in your publications can be an effective strategy and generate trust in potential clients. Create an alternate account: If you manage to gather enough content generated by your Instagram followers and clients you can use it to create an alternate account.
Use hashtags creatively

Hashtags are a tool that has been gaining weight since they were introduced on Twitter . On Instagram it is valid to say that a publication without hashtags is an incomplete publication and of course we had to talk about hashtags among the tips to gain more likes and followers on Instagram.

But it’s not about adding random words behind a #, but rather using them creatively to make them fulfill their purpose: increasing the exposure of your content. Here are some practices to improve your use of Instagram hashtags:

Hide the hashtags:
Despite being a visual platform, texts on Instagram are important. When writing captions on your Instagram posts, it is important to take into account the readability and final appearance of your texts. An endless block of hashtags can seem like a desperate attempt, plus it can make your texts look cluttered. You can hide your hashtags in the following way:

After finishing your caption, add a period and press Enter. Add a period to the next line and hit enter again. Repeat this four or five times and add your hashtags after the last line.

Post as you normally would, excluding hashtags. Then leave a comment with all the related hashtags.

Custom and Niche Hashtags:
Hashtags related to a specific industry or activity will make your content reach more Instagram followers interested in what you have to offer them. These allow businesses to expose their products and services to potential customers, which will result in attracting the best Instagram followers for your account.

Tagging influential accounts in your niche is a smart move if your goal is to attract new Instagram followers with the intention of turning them into loyal customers . The more followers you tag in a post, the larger your potential audience will be. Additionally, this will help you get more likes and further increase your exposure on the platform. However, you should keep in mind that the users you tag must be the correct ones based on the nature of your business.

There are many ways to motivate your Instagram followers to interact, like or comment on your posts, but these ones we just mentioned will serve as a starting point to stimulate the growth of your account. You can try contests or giveaways, which has proven to be an effective strategy to get a large number of Instagram followers and likes.

Why is it important to have an Instagram account? It depends on your objectives, but if you have a business, brand or company; Not having an Instagram account is a missed opportunity to reach thousands of users and potential customers who could be interested in your product. Is having an Instagram account only important for business? Not at all! Instagram offers opportunities to both businesses and individual users, whether we are talking about influencers, artists and content creators. »What should I do to grow on Instagram? There is no secret formula. Growing on Instagram takes time, work and ingenuity. However, you can boost your profile growth with our follower buying service.


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