How to get more followers on Facebook

One of the most common questions for those starting to work managing online communities is: How do I get more followers on Twitter and Facebook? Today I will share with you some tips that you can implement to increase your community of followers male comments.


Promote your Facebook page
In the personal profiles of those who manage the page
Inviting brand employees to become fans
Inviting friends and acquaintances who may be interested in the brand. Avoid inviting friends who you know are not interested in your product, because they will not be quality fans.

Generate and share quality brand content – ​​create images, videos and infographics about your brand that can generate greater attention from your fans.
Share audiovisual content – ​​Images and videos are more effective than text posts.
Share original content – ​​always try to look for fresh and original content with which you can attract the attention of users. When content is impressive, fans share it on their walls and this way you can get new fans.
Create exclusive content for fans – through the tabs (Facebook applications) you can add exclusive content that is only available to fans, this is ideal for ebooks, whitepapers, discounts, coupons, etc…
Use a personal tone – If your brand allows it, avoid formalities and contact your fans with a more personal tone. I recommend you read the post on Communication Tone on Social Networks.
Ask your fans questions – one of the best practices on Facebook is to constantly interact with your fans, take advantage and ask them questions from time to time to get them to respond.

Add the Facebook URL everywhere you can, for example:
On all printed material of your brand (business cards, flyers, invitations, etc…)
In your email signature
On your website or blog by adding “Like” widgets or the Facebook icon
In the newsletters you send
In TV, press and radio advertisements

Take advantage of your Twitter profile – compose tweets on Twitter that link to a Facebook post instead of an external URL. For example, if you are going to publish a news item on Twitter, put it on Facebook first and when you want to put it on Twitter, add the URL of the Facebook post.
Create contests – Contests are always a good way to attract new fans, but be careful of falling into the trap of giving away an iPad if your brand is not technology. The ideal is always to create contests where you can raffle your own products and services, this way you will ensure that 90% of the participants are quality fans who in the future you can convert into customers of your brand.
Offer discounts and coupons – thanks to the new Facebook advertising format “Facebook Offers” you can create a campaign offering Facebook users discounts and offers on your products and services. If you have more than 400 fans on your page you can use it and receive €8 free for your first campaign. I have tried it and I can assure you that it works wonderfully.
Advertising on Facebook – prepare an advertising plan for your fan page and get new followers.

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