Accredited Distance Learning Law Degree – What To Consider When Choosing

Find information about getting your online law degree. Learn which distance based law programs can be considered in order for you to graduate online Law notes.

Now more than ever people are looking into ways to earn a degree at home. Either by video, CD, or online. This is likely a combination of things, including the ever greater demand for higher education in the workforce and the often chaotic schedules and home lives of many Americans. It should come as no surprise then that would be lawyers would be interested in a distance learning law degree.

The path to earning a law degree from home, however, is not nearly as easy or straightforward as for other careers. The American bar Association, which sets the guidelines for 49 of the 50 states bar exams refuses to accredit any distance based law programs. This means that you be able to take the bar exam in those states and become a lawyer. You can however, earn a degree online that is approved by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State of California, which will allow you to practice law in both the state of California and in a federal court if you pass the California bar exam. After practicing law for 5 to 7 years in California you will generally be eligible to take the bar exam in another state.

This has no bearing on Executive Track Juris Doctor degrees, or law degrees designed for professionals not interested in taking the bar exam and actually practicing law. Those who simply wish to work in the legal field, or perhaps want to expand their options in the business world, can earn a distance learning law degree from any institution regardless of its ABA approval. Be aware that some potential employers may hold a bias against online degree programs.

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