Best THC- The Strongest Marijuana Strains On the Earth

THC, also called tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical that causes the psychological effects of marijuana Kambo.

What Does THC Do?

Best THC has the ability to alter an individual behavior by connecting the receptors on the nerve cells, which results in a change of activity. In certain parts of the brain that are linked with memory, coordination, pleasure thinking, and time perception, the cannabinoid receptors are concentrated.

The THC will eradicate pain, but it won’t bind itself to the receptors in the brain in the similar manner that opioids such as heroine, morphine, and other drugs that come from the poppy plant do. THC also interferes with the mechanism the brain processes and builds new memories. It can cause a person to have hallucinations and delusions as well as change the way they think.

The compound THC is also known to give a person the “munchies” because of the stimulation of the appetite. It also intrigues a person to be in a relaxed state and has an effect on a person’s sense of eyesight, smell, and hearing. It can cause fatigue, and in some people, it does reduce the symptoms of aggression. Recent studies have shown THC works well for treating vomiting and nausea, and it has also some anti-emetic qualities.

Marijuana and Medicine

There is an ongoing debate related to marijuana being used beneficially as a medication. Doctors from FDA have revealed that marijuana is hard to test for safety and efficacy as the active chemical can vary from plant to plant. This might be a problem for a patient choosing marijuana. They also conferred that the FDA will be receptive to all scientific research into the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The THC works by changing the transmitter release inside the spinal cord and results in pain relief.

Where You Can Find THC?

THC is just one of the several compounds that are excreted from the glands of a marijuana plant. The glands are generally located in the reproductive organs on the plant versus other areas of the plant. Some of the other compounds present in marijuana, such as cannabinoids, are also found to be present in the resin and might detriment the effects of the THC. Exposed to the air, the THC diminishes into a cannabinoid that has its own effects psychologically. The concentration level of THC depends on the technique the marijuana plant is cultivated. Cannabis that is composed of the minimal amount of THC, up to one percent, is grown as hemp. The THC can be removed from marijuana or synthesized for products, like the FDA drug dronabinol.

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