What to do when hiring a lawyer

1. Define your problem and gather all related information and documents
Before you start looking for a lawyer, clearly define what your situation is, what problem you are trying to solve and decide if it is necessary to hire a law firm huntersville.

If you decide it is necessary to do so, first gather all information related to your case, such as phone numbers of those involved, copies of relevant documents, anything that will serve as evidence, etc.

No matter how much experience and knowledge a lawyer has, he or she will not be able to help you efficiently if you yourself do not understand the situation you are in. Gather what you think will work and your attorney will tell you throughout the process if more needs to be done.

2. If possible, get a lawyer through referrals
A good way to find a good, trusted lawyer is to ask your family, friends, and acquaintances if they know anyone who has had to deal with a case like yours or if they directly know a lawyer who can help you. The main advantage is that you will know if this lawyer handled the case correctly and efficiently and if his clients are satisfied with him.

3. Call, resolve your initial doubts and start comparing
Once you have a list of referrals or attorneys you have found through other means, contact each one, explain your situation, and ask the questions mentioned earlier in this article.

Compare the answers, prices and solutions they offer to choose the one you think best suits your case. If possible, avoid asking these questions via email, as it is important to evaluate the lawyer’s way of expressing himself and how comfortable you feel speaking with him.

4. If there is something you don’t understand, ask.
Your responsibility as a client is to gather all related information and documents and explain your case to the best of your ability, not to perfectly understand all the legal terminology.

If there is something you don’t understand, ask and ask for it to be explained to you in simple terms. Many attorneys assume that their clients understand the same things as they do, and this can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings.

Before signing the contract, make sure you fully understand all the procedures that will be carried out and all the conditions of the contract.

5. Sign the contract
It is very important that everything you have agreed upon is written clearly and in detail in the contract, mainly everything related to rates and costs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a trusted attorney or someone you’ve worked with before. It is always important that all the conditions of the agreement are written in a contract signed by both parties.

If your attorney will work on an hourly rate, ask for an itemized bill detailing how the attorney used the attorney’s time to resolve your case.

6. Constantly communicate with your lawyer
This doesn’t mean you have the right to be pushy beyond respectful, but if you have questions or if it’s been a long time without hearing from you about your case, call your attorney.

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