The treat of traditional food

If you are an Indian you may try out all the cuisines of the world. But ultimately you would want to come back to eat the traditional food that your mom cooks Gourmet French Raclette.

Given the diversity of the country, there are many varieties and types of food found. Moreover, the cuisines are based on different types of religions and traditions. The recipes have been followed since hundreds of years. Majority of the traditional food cuisines have been originated in the Hindu religion. That is one reason why vegetarian food highly dominates the Indian food. It is also a common trend in our society to eat vegetarian food. But soon we also started having many other kinds of cuisines and foods that came up after being influenced from the Mughal rule. North Indian cuisine was greatly influenced by it.

Indian traditional food has always been evolving and it still does. Colonial ruling, western influences etc have always shown our country something new that it has quickly lapped up. Our country is known for its spices too.

A thali of Indian food would often consist of rotis, varieties of sabzi, rice, dal and a sweet dish. It is often a heavy meal and one cannot ask for more. Thalis are one reason why vegetarian restaurants do so well. Indians believe in having a meal that they can do justice to.

These vegetarian restaurants also know how to cater to their customers by always introducing something new that they would like to try out. In fact, growth of fusion food has been due to their experiments only. Native cultures and world cuisines come together to what we call ‘fusion cuisine’. Like Chinese, which we all love eating. One would be surprised to know that there’s something called Jain Chinese – Chinese made without onions and garlic. Whoever thought that could be invented. Besides, our very own Szechwan sauce is something even China has never heard of! Because that is our innovation. Besides, we have also incorporated Thai, Malaysian and Singaporean cuisines a la Indian style.

Vegetarian restaurants do well today when compared to the non vegetarian restaurants. The reason for that is many vegetarians in India don’t believe in visiting places that serve non veg with the fear that chicken and vegetables have been cooked in the same vessels – this is something unacceptable in many cast and religions. The country has a huge population who are vegetarians with traditional beliefs.

And when it comes to desserts, the country has a lot to offer. Traditional varieties of mouth-watering desserts include gulab jamuns, rasgullas, sheera, jalebis, halwa, shrikhand, malpoa, barfi etc. the list can go on. Majority of them are prepared from dry fruits, sugar, ghee and milk.

Also considering the country has so many vegetarians, even alcohol isn’t served in the vegetarian restaurants. These restaurants instead serve beverages which are again a part of the traditional food of India. These drinks are tea, coffee, lassi, chass and sharbat. Thus, the country is a foodie’s paradise. If you are a vegetarian – you are surely going to enjoy.

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