What are some potential benefits of precision medicine and the Precision Medicine Initiative?

Precision medicine promises to improve many aspects of health and healthcare. Some of these benefits will soon be evident as the All of Us Research Program continues and new tools and approaches to managing information are developed Kambo. Other benefits will result from long-term precision medicine research and may not be realized for years.

The potential benefits of the Precision Medicine Initiative are:

  • New approaches to protecting research participants, particularly patient privacy and the confidentiality of their information
  • Design of new tools to build, analyze and share large sets of medical information
    Improved FDA oversight of tests, drugs, and other technologies to support innovation while ensuring these products are safe and effective
  • New partnerships of scientists in a wide variety of specialties, as well as people from the patient advocacy community, universities, pharmaceutical companies and others
  • Opportunity for one million people to contribute to the advancement of scientific research

Potential long-term benefits of precision medicine research:

  • Increased ability of physicians to use a patient’s genetic and other molecular information as a routine part of health care
  • Better ability to predict which treatments will work best for specific patients
  • Better understanding of the underlying mechanisms by which various diseases occur
  • Better approaches to prevent, diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases
  • Better integration of electronic medical records into patient care, allowing physicians and researchers to have easier access to medical information

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