How to set up a successful law firm

Setting up a business from scratch can be complex if we are not clear about the actions we should follow. If we have the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening an office in which to offer our services to the public, this may be even more complicated, since we are going to have to think about the legal form, our values, our services and other relevant aspects for be able to create a brand image Law Notes.

This also happens when we talk about law firms, one of the most important services offered to citizens and which require elaborate planning. If you are a legal professional and you are considering the option of creating a law firm, but you are not sure how much money you need, what type of companies to choose for a law firm or how to get your first clients, we want to talk to you about all this below. . Stay to discover the best tips for setting up a law firm and find the answer to all these common questions.

What does it take to create a law firm?
When setting up a law firm we will have to take into consideration various aspects, both monetary, fiscal, legal or marketing, among others. For this reason, giving an exact answer to this question requires us to address the requirements to become a lawyer and to subsequently set up the firm.

In this way, if we talk about the procedures needed to set up a law firm , we have to mention as first and most obvious the fact of having passed the bar entrance exam. Once we are in possession of said degree and have completed the Degree in Law, we will be authorized to practice. In addition to this, we will also need to be registered in a bar association in the province in which we are going to carry out our work. It will be necessary to pay a fee and also have civil liability insurance.

Beyond all this, it will be essential that we register with Social Security as a self-employed worker or, in the event that we want to create a company, we will have to carry out some different steps that we explain in more detail below.

To all this we must also add that, in order to set up a law firm, we will need to have the corresponding business license. If we plan to work from home we can save this license, but, on the contrary, if our office is going to be open to the public and we are going to have a specific location, we will have to take into account the considerations of this office to choose a specific license . or other.

Likewise, another essential requirement to create a law firm is that we comply at all times with data protection law. As established in the code of ethics of these professionals, professional secrecy is essential when carrying out this type of work. It will be essential to have different confidentiality agreements that will derive from the exchange of knowledge and documents.

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