Get Instagram followers: The 7 most important success tips

Do you use Instagram for your business? Do you want to have more of your time invested than before? Getting followers on Instagram is as easy as one, two, and three – at least if you follow the right strategies. In this article, I’ll tell you the seven most important success tips for more followers is to buy real instagram comments.

Get Instagram followers

Success Tip # 1: Organize a Challenge.

Challenges are so popular on Instagram. A challenge works like this: An Instagram user devises a topic and a unique hashtag for his competition. For example, the topic could be “digital photography for beginners”. The hashtag could be called “digital photo entry level 2020”. Every day has a special theme for which the competition organizer (you!) Posts a photo. Everyone who takes part in the challenge then also posts one photo per day, matching the competition theme. You tag your mail with the hashtag of the Challenge, which gives you reach and visibility.

Success Tip # 2: Like and comment on posts by others and follow them.

Do you sit there every now and then and turn your thumbs while you wait for new followers to magically discover your Instagram profile? More effectively, you can use these five to ten minutes daily by following other Instagram accounts and liking and commenting on their posts. This will help you quickly win more Instagram followers. But beware of games like “Follow me, I follow you”, because that can backfire and often ends in less active, low-quality followers.

Success Tip # 3: Keep your photos “on fire”.

Your photos should represent your brand as often as possible. Stick to your colors, your fonts, and keep showing items or things that your followers should associate with your brand. Who makes this quite grandiose, is “misstrenchcoat” Alexis Giostra. Take a closer look at your account:

Success Tip # 4: Use popular hashtags.

Unlike some other social networks, hashtags on Instagram are essential to survival! To get more followers on Instagram, it’s best to pick out some popular, topic-relevant hashtags and use them over and over again in your photos. Three to five are enough, the more relevant, the better.

Important: It should be hashtags that are popular – but not those where a new photo is posted every few seconds. Because then your photos go down quickly.

Success Tip # 5: Take part in a challenge.

What a challenge is, you already know 🙂 Not only has the hosting of challenges brought you more followers, but also the participation in challenges. It goes without saying that the challenge should thematically be in line with your brand. The cool thing is that for a few days you do not have to think about any topics for your posts, because they are predetermined by the challenge.

Success Tip # 6: Promote your Instagram account on other social networks.

For example, I occasionally write an Instagram article and quite inconspicuously link my account 😉 Fun aside: since you certainly already have a few fans and followers in other social networks, which are much more likely to be on Instagram and the content Just appreciate it more, you should refer again and again in other social networks on your Instagram profile.

Of course, this only works if you post good content on Instagram that differs from the content on your other platforms. At least in the treatment. Because if you post the same thing everywhere, your fans have no reason to follow you on Instagram. Who wants to see the same post on different social networks 5 times a day? 😉

Success Tip # 7: Post regularly.

Like any social network, Instagram regularly needs love in the form of new posts from you – preferably every day. This means that if you occasionally post a few photos, and then again for several weeks radio silence prevails. After all, you want to stick with your followers and bring your brand to the eyes of potential customers. In addition, Instagram is a lot of fun!