Social networks today are the best method to publicize your company or product, and attract new customers. One of the best social networks to let you know and reach a large audience is Instagram . Instagram, with more than 500 million users, offers several advantages that other social networks do besides being one of the favorites in the current scene with Twitter. Here I give you 5 tips to increase your followers on Instagram that will be useful buy 50 instagram likes buyiglikes.com.

1 – Make your followers feel special

This is probably the best advice you can receive to get more followers on Instagram. When you leave comments, answer! Organize contests in which your users can participate. Ask questions and let them leave you the answer in the comments. Just interact with them and do not focus only on the posts.

2 – Create unique content

Having good content in your posts will undoubtedly make you get more followers in Instagram . Although selling your product is fine and you will post posts for that, it does not mean you do not have to touch other content. Offering a varied and interesting content to your followers will make more people know what you offer, as well as making your Instagram more enjoyable to your current followers.

3 – A biography that attracts attention

Your biography will be in front of ALL as soon as they click on your profile. It will be the first thing they read and what will make them click the subscribe button. Take care of your biography and know exactly what to put in those 150 characters is very important once you open your profile. Use words related to your product or services placed in a calling context.

4 – Use hashtags, tags and interactions

Using Instagram is not based only on publishing images to succeed and reach more people. Using the right hashtags in publications is very important in Instagram . Use popular hashtags but at the same time have to do with your post and obviously your product. At the same time, creating your own hashtag would be a great idea.

  • Remember to tag the people in your posts, especially at the beginning, when the accounts have not yet grown. Label other people who offer your services, motivational accounts, celebrities.
  • Leave comments in publications of recognized people or large instafamous will make someone look at your profile and enter. That also happens with the ‘likes’. Therefore, remember to leave a good comment and some I like in photos with enough popularity among users.   All this will make you have more followers in Instagram .

5 – Document yourself on social media marketing and get started

Read, investigate and learn. For that there are multiple books related to the subject, although the truth is that not all are reliable, but with small searches you will find the appropriate ones. Some books are very good, and that’s why I leave you this compilation:

  • Epic Content Marketing
  • The art of Social Media
  • Optimize
  • The Great Book of the Community Manager

Also, as I mentioned, training on Instagram is very important. There are courses offered by experts in the field and, without a doubt, one of the best courses on Instagram is the one available, Just by entering your Instagram @wolf_millionaire you will be able to appreciate how they are doing your students

Now that you have some bases it ‘s time to start and see how it is given to you. Good luck!

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The series of articles ‘Steps to develop a successful business’ is based on the methodology of the book The Discipline of Entrepreneurship, 24 steps to launch a successful startup.