Motivate Yourself: The Definitive Tips to Achieve Fat Loss

As you already know, losing weight is a long distance race. Most people who start a weight loss process leave after a few months, but you cannot let that happen to you. And you will ask yourself: how to avoid those moments of demotivation? You will find the answer with the tips you will see below. These are sure to help you face those situations in which you plan to leave your diet or exercise routine. Or if possible, prevent them from appearing.

7 Mistakes you should avoid in your weight loss process

Here we show you the mistakes that those people that end up leaving usually make, so that you do not fall into them:

  1. Want the results NOW!

There are many people who want to lose in a month the kilos they have gained in years and this does not work like that. A normal rate of fat loss is between 0.5 and 0.8 kilos per week doing everything right (there are people in which it can be a little more and others in which a little less). In the loss of weight you have to go without haste, the results are observed progressively.

  1. Give in to the pressure of the environment

We live in an obesogenic environment full of temptations. Every day we are bombarded with junk food advertising. In addition, in many social gatherings, they are usually held in restaurants where there are no healthy options. In this case you can choose to request a change of restaurant to choose a healthy option.

  1. Forget about the calories in drinks

The soft drinks, sports drinks or beers, have many calories and you must take them into account. The healthiest option is to drink only water or infusions without sugar or sweeteners. Each gram of alcohol provides 7 empty calories and also reduces testosterone and inhibits protein synthesis, so alcoholic beverages should disappear from your life.

You should also avoid the famous sports drinks and soft drinks because they are loaded with sugars (which are not healthy) or artificial sweeteners (which can alter the intestinal flora). In addition to that, sweeteners make you get used to extremely sweet flavors and then, for example, a fruit, do not cover your expectations of sweetness and stop taking it. It has also been seen that the usual caloric sweeteners ingested (for example, saccharin) can sabotage or short-circuit the mechanisms that regulate the energy balance.

  1. Sleeping a little

Not sleeping the necessary hours or doing it at the wrong time can cause your weight loss to be slower and even difficult. You must sleep 7-8 hours a day at night and followed so that your hormones help you lose weight. If you want to know more about how the circadian rhythm works in the body, we encourage you to take a look at this article.

  1. Use food as a reward

Food should not be a reward for sports or physical activity, since it is very likely that the calories you ingest in that prize are higher than the calories you have used in that activity.

  1. Eating while watching television or other distractions

When you go to do a meal, focus on what you are eating. Enjoy its flavor, texture, smell … and chew everything well and slowly. This will help your brain to count calories well. Did you know that eating too fast or watching TV causes you to eat more food? Keep that in mind!

  1. To have too high expectations

Keep in mind that you may not see changes on the scale, but they are happening. It is common for you to lose fat, gain muscle glycogen and muscle mass and on the scale do not see changes, but in the mirror itself. It can also happen that you are with fluid retention (if you are a woman, the week before ovulation and before menstruation your hormones make you retain a lot of fluids.

Remember that the scale weighs everything: muscle, fat, water … so not seeing changes in weight does not mean there have not been variations; for example, you have been able to lose fat but in return you have gained muscle. Do not have the scale as a reference, what you must take into account are your sensations, your measurements and what you see in the mirror.

We hope that all the points we have taught you allow you to modify your habits and reach the goal you have set for yourself. Cheer up!

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