DUI Attorney – Understanding the System

Although driving under the influence is a traffic violation, there can be some serious consequences, even without pleading guilty. A DUI attorney can be priceless in these situations.

Most licensed drivers will be ticketed at least once in their life for a moving violation. While some violations like speeding or running a stop sign are more serious than others, none is worse than a DUI violation. Even for first time offenders, this offense can lead to jail time and a suspension of driving privileges. Although it is permissible to go it alone sometimes, having the help of a DUI attorney in these situations can make a big difference in the outcome Chicago criminal lawyer.

Alcohol related deaths account for almost 40% of yearly vehicle fatalities. Consequently, many law enforcement agencies are very aggressive in their tactics to stop alcohol-impaired drivers. Although the legal limits for blood alcohol content can vary by state, the average driver will experience impaired driving skills with a blood alcohol level over 0.08. For many adults, this can be measured with as little as two drinks over a short period of time. As a result many drivers have found themselves facing a driving under the influence charge after only two drinks, even though they may have felt comfortable enough to drive.

Unfortunately, many DUI arrests are the result of a field sobriety test, which uses a Breathalyzer to definitively determine if a driver’s blood alcohol content level is too high to drive. This is why many drivers may choose to retain a DUI attorney, especially if they feel they were unfairly arrested and charged. In these situations, the DUI attorney can gather the proper evidence to either have the charges dropped, or win an acquittal in a court of law.

Unlike other moving violations, such as speeding or failure to yield, driving under the influence carries a number of serious consequences that can affect more than just driving privileges. Therefore, understanding the legal system is the most important tactic when facing a DUI charge. This is especially true for first-time offenders who might not understand the personal and legal ramifications of standing accused of this type of traffic violation. For instance, many drivers have received disciplinary action from their employer, even if the incident had nothing to do with their employment.

It is always best to drink responsibly and never drink and drive, even after just one drink. However, everyone makes mistakes, and a DUI charge is no different. While this type of legal issue can carry some serious consequences, understanding and knowing the options can help soften the blow.

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