A Brief Introduction to Marijuana Edibles

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Since, marijuana is getting more and more popularity thus, you can see many edibles made out of cannabis these days. Cannabis, in reality is one of the substances which we get from marijuana and that can also be used in manufacturing of medicines, gasoline, ropes, clothes, paper and many more products. As a result, dealing in marijuana is not prohibited in many regions and therefore, marijuana edibles can be seen easily in the pot shops (marijuana shops).

Actually, the edibles contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), known as the stimulating psychoactive substance which can be smoked, heated or cooked in order to consume it. However, it is considered that eating of THC gives more intense feeling rather than smoking or inhaling. The list of some edibles is given below:

• Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar
• Sweet Stone Gummy Bears
• Strawberry Lemonade
• Hearts of Hemp Granola Bar
• Captain Kirk’s “Oklahoma Sweet Cake”
• Ma Ma Kush’s Beef Jerky
• Pineapple Turnover Cake
• Bacon Peanut Butter Cup
• Alpha Mint Truffle
• So Kind Cookie

As the edibles are made from marijuana, a drug agent thus, it is recommended not to consume it without the prescription of a doctor unless an individual has to face various health issues. Moreover, given are some of the symptoms that show whether the person has consumed marijuana edibles or not?

• Reduce appetite, or “the munchies”
• Dehydrated mouth
• Increased blood pressure
• Increased breathing rate
• Rapid heart beats
• Red eyes
• Slowed response time

Additionally, overdose of the edibles may affect the nervous system or can make the person moody, short tempered or more aggressive. Thus, make sure of the quantity and quality of the THC in the edibles which can be as per the recipe.

The amount of THC in the edibles might affects two individuals differently, therefore, it is recommended to read the labeling while purchasing marijuana edible. Also, consider the added ingredients including THC and check their quantity also. Moreover, do not forget to see the expiration date.

Although, the marijuana edibles can be prescribed by the doctors to the patients however, it is advisable not to consume those by the following individuals:

• Individuals below the age of 18
• Expecting or pregnant women
• Heart patients
• Individuals who have psychiatric history

The selling of marijuana products is booming nowadays thus, it is becoming one of the gourmet markets. Moreover, some of the regions have recently released from the prohibition of using marijuana products therefore, the chances are high that the business of marijuana can reach to a new level.


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