5 Tips That Show You Are a Responsible Guardian for Your Dog

The ownership of any pet always carries a high degree of responsibility. Next, we are going to give you 5 tips to follow to be a 100% responsible guardian and ensure that your dog is the best cared for in the neighborhood.

Take care of the food: As if it were a child, the dog will eat what we offer it (with its whims and desires, of course). For this reason, feeding him is our direct responsibility.

It must be taken into account that most dogs are fed commercial feed throughout their lives Dog training spring tx. If we were always going to eat the same thing, I’m sure we would want to make sure that food was of the best quality possible. For this same reason, it is essential to choose a correctly balanced and formulated feed that meets all its needs and adapts to the dog’s characteristics and lifestyle.

Veterinary consultations: As animal doctors, we are responsible for guaranteeing and ensuring the health of pets. However, we cannot force owners to consult us when there is a problem or want to resolve any questions.
For this reason, a visit to the veterinarian should be made with some frequency, even without the existence of pathology. In this way, the dog’s health will be properly cared for and the appearance of serious diseases can be avoided.

Spend time on walks: Before deciding to have a dog, it is advisable to choose the animal that best adapts to our way of life. One of the aspects to take into account is, of course, the time available to take your walks.
Walks , in addition to satisfying the physiological needs of defecation and urination, contribute to the maintenance of your physical and mental well- being . The walk is your leisure time, your disconnection from the daily routine (even if that routine is sleeping on the couch, but it is routine and routine is never good).

Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a breed that adapts to our lifestyle. If we are people who like to play sports and have free time, we can opt for energetic breeds. If, on the other hand, we are people with little free time or are sedentary, we will choose a breed that is happy with 20-minute walks.

Sterilize: I am aware that this topic is controversial and there are owners who are very reticent about this type of intervention. However, as a veterinarian, as long as there is no intention to breed (and I take this opportunity to comment that the lucrative sale of pets, in the absence of a breeder’s license, has been prohibited in Spain), it is advisable to carry out this procedure.
There are many advantages of sterilizing a dog. In addition, it will contribute directly to stopping the appearance of unwanted litters and reducing pressure on shelters and kennels.

Vacations with your dog: Well, this is already for the A’s. Going on vacation and leaving our dog in the care of a friend, family member, or daycare center has nothing wrong and is completely responsible, but going on vacation with the dog is another level. Currently, there are a large number of hospitality establishments where pets are allowed . So there is no excuse when it comes to taking our dog with us, whenever possible.

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