5 rules to choose the perfect t-shirt

There is no doubt: the t-shirt is the basic garment par excellence. White, gray, black… We should have it in practically all colors. But even though it is such a simple garment, choosing the perfect t-shirt is not obvious at all.

At Stylight we provide you with these 5 commandments to keep in mind to ensure that you have really found the right one local screen printing.

  1. The neckline of the perfect t-shirt
    First essential element to take into account in a t-shirt: its neck. Although it is often a matter of taste and trends, we must not forget that it is also important in terms of morphology.

For generous breasts, a V-neckline is more flattering, while for small breasts, round necklines soften the more androgynous lines.

  1. Length
    Although the crop top has been one of the top garments that we have all succumbed to this season, we must learn to dissociate the trends from the basics that never fail. As a general rule, the perfect t-shirt should have a cut that fits your body.

The most versatile is hip length; shorter, it is ideal for those who have a flat stomach and do not have gazelle legs, as it optically lengthens the figure. Alert! Be careful not to wear t-shirts that are too long for your height: the risk is to look shorter

  1. The sleeves of a perfect t-shirt
    The most flattering sleeve length adjusts to the length and width of the arm, enhancing the feminine character. This model hides imperfections and is always elegant. Short sleeves look best on those with thin arms.
  2. The size
    Choosing the perfect t-shirt size depends not only on body morphology, but also on style. Typically, the shirt is worn at a mid-fit point, to avoid annoying contact with underwear.

But if we take a look at fashion trends and streetstyle, oversize takes over all looks . Do you have curves? Don’t hide behind baggy clothing and opt for a fairly fitted t-shirt.

  1. Color and material
    In every self-respecting wardrobe there should be a white t-shirt and a black t-shirt. No one can question these two basic t-shirts. As for material, cotton always remains the reference fabric for the perfect t-shirt.

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