5 reasons to study Law

You can handle the truth. The legal profession is one of the most challenging, prestigious and well-rewarded there is. It makes a difference in society, defending the innocent and persecuting the guilty. Lawyers are the frontline soldiers of the justice system and ensure that their clients’ rights are heard.

This includes defending and promoting the interests of businesses, providing fair representation to defendants regardless of their crime, and helping any individual mediate their disputes with another. The legal profession encompasses the rich tapestry of society – from its darkest corners to its most virtuous stages – with the light of the law as a guide to navigate the corridors of justice PGDL.

If you want to become a lawyer, there are many fantastic reasons to do so. Next, I will tell you eight reasons to study law at university, get a law degree and become a lawyer.

1. Make a difference
Law is the agent and repository of change in society. As a lawyer, you defend your arguments using the precepts of the law. The entire society that you live in every day is the result of us all functioning together under a code of laws. Ever since Hammurabi of Babylon devised a legal system (and probably before), humans have lived by the law of the land.

But those laws can change, they can be violated, they can be applied unfairly. As a lawyer, your job is to defend the rights of the population against evil interests. If a landlord squeezes out his tenants and fails to maintain the property, if a member of a minority is discriminated against, or if a retail store engages in abusive practices, it is lawyers who bring the case to the judge.

It’s not always so intense. Efficiently and competently complying with the varied and extensive legal requirements that change from state to state and over time is an immensely valuable skill. Studying Law gives you the tools to grease the legal wheels of some massive organizations and ensure that they act within and at the service of the law.

By working on your terms and taking the cases you want, you can make a difference and defend the rights of your plaintiffs or even create a new precedent as a result of successfully winning a landmark case.

2. Receive exceptional compensation
It’s all about money, money, money. Lawyer is a famous and well-paid profession. There’s a reason they work long hours. The extremely specialized knowledge that lawyers possess means that they can earn high fees when working individually. If you work at a law firm, average salaries are much, much higher than average, as the average salary for lawyers in the US is currently $144,230, which varies by state. For example, the average salary for a lawyer in New York is $167,110. The upside potential increases exponentially as you become a name that people trust. Even law professors have a great salary, earning between $105,000 and $200,000 a year.

So, if you want to pursue a degree that will give you the opportunity to earn incredible earning potential right out of college, then a law degree is a solid choice. It’s not easy, but the reward in the end makes it worth it.

3. Gain status and prestige
Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi are world leaders who studied law. If you mention Latham & Watkins, Jones Day or Sullivan & Crowell in conversation, your ears are sure to perk up. There are plenty of films and television series, such as Suits, The Rainmaker and the film responsible for the opening quote in this article, that glamorize the legal profession and show how exciting this world can be. Everyone knows that being a lawyer is difficult and requires a great deal of intellect, skill and strength. Therefore, the job carries with it a great deal of prestige.

Whether it’s fighting for a huge law firm representing the biggest international clients, or taking part in the biggest cases in the news, being a lawyer is packed with prestige and status. If you want people to respect you before they even know your name, studying law is a great way to achieve this .

4. It is challenging and rewarding
Justice. Money. Can. The rewards of a legal career seem endless, and that’s because if you excel in the career, they are. So what is the problem? The trick is that law is a notoriously difficult career, with a day job that often combines highly stressful deadlines, mountains of reading (which must be retained), and the ability to stay at peak mental strength through grueling hours, and never skip the beat all the time.

So, if you are a person who enjoys challenges and who feels that you accept intensity instead of shying away from it, studying Law is an excellent option. Yes, large law firms demand regular 12-hour days while you manage the conglomerates’ extensive international portfolios. As a private attorney, you can be up at all hours preparing a winner-take-all case, and you make the opening statement. However, through all this adversity comes the thrill of doing something that is truly challenging, of pushing your own abilities and endurance to their limits while making a difference in the world around you.

5. Have complete job security
Lawyers are an integral part of the functioning of society. Like teachers, nurses and plumbers. If you are good at your job, you will only be out of work if society itself stops functioning. Luckily, your daily job is to make sure he doesn’t. All of this means that studying law is a great way to enter a recession-proof career.

Even if the economy tanks, the need for lawyers does not. In fact, areas of law such as civil litigation, bankruptcy, and employment law naturally increase as more of society has to go through these procedures. Even in the face of the recent pandemic, lawyers have been able to work from home with few problems. The judiciary must function and the justice system must continue to function at all times, so if you study law and do it well, you will never have to worry about not being in demand, whether in the legal profession itself or in the business community in general.

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