What you need to know to invest in gold right now

The term, liquidity, storage and purchase prices, the great keys to choose well gold ira companies reviews.

With the volatility and the red numbers sending in the stock exchanges and with the yields of the fixed income in testimonial levels, the gold is claimed once again as a refuge value. The price of yellow metal rises about 15% since the beginning of the year and has exceeded the level of $ 1,200 per ounce. For many investors, it is not just a classic option to shield savings; It is also another mechanism for diversifying investments at a time of great uncertainty because it has no correlation with the price of stocks or bonds.

But beyond expectations of revaluation in the short and medium term and its strategic value in a portfolio, private investors have a wide range of possibilities to choose how to invest in gold. The term, liquidity, custody, purchase volume, storage costs, commissions or points of purchase and sale are decisive when making a decision. These are the keys to choosing the best option.

Purchases of physical gold. It is the favorite option of private investors worldwide. Experts recommend acquiring physical gold from those who buy in the long term and are risk averse. One of the big problems for a foot saver is the cost of buying and storing, but there are specialized companies that significantly reduce expenses. Auvesta, Apmex or Lingoro are some of the best known companies selling precious metals in the sector that in practice allow investors to create a deposit of physical, safe and liquid gold.

The higher the weight of the bullion, the lower the price at which specialized firms can buy. Many of them allow transfers or sell gold anywhere in the world and at any time in quantities from one gram, which guarantees the liquidity of the investment. These houses also solve the metal storage problem. The big sellers have agreements with large multinationals like the American Brinks with competitive costs. The Exchange Traded Fund or listed funds are the other great access to gold.

Through ETFs. They use the metal as an underlying replicating their behavior. In general, they are the best option for short-term investors who want to protect their portfolio when bond and stock prices fall. They guarantee transparency and avoid investors the steps to buy physical gold and for its storage. Some of the best known are the SPDR Gold Shares and the ZKB Gold.

Investment funds. Although its correlation with the price of gold is high, it is far from the levels of physical purchase of metal. These products invest in companies dedicated to the gold mining business, so their evolution also depends on external factors such as the quality of management or the location of the mines. Therefore it is a more speculative option.

Certificates and warrants. There are other ways for seasoned investors. One of them are certificates. These are publicly traded products that replicate the price of a raw material. On the Madrid Stock Exchange, a Société Générale product is listed on the Troy ounce of gold, the measure to set the price of gold in the market. For their part, warrants allow operating with leverage.