How to install Skydrive in your Android

As we mentioned in a previous article, one of the great advantages of is that this account you can access the cloud storage service through Skydrive . Storing in the cloud allows you to quickly access all your files wherever you are, using mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Skydrive has a special application for using on Android devices. Today we’ll show you how to install Skydrive on your Android smartphone or tablet.

The Skydrive application for Android is developed shortly after the release of and Skydrive, to maintain the connectivity of all Microsoft services, one of the many advantages that encloses the use of the Outlook mail account and Microsoft. The aesthetic in Android Skydrive app  is simply wonderful. Holo interface integrates flawlessly with Android OS and reminds us the Metro style, used in most Microsoft applications and services.

To begin using Skydrive application on your Android device, you should go to Google Play and download the app. It can be easier!. Once installed, you must enter your data: email address and password. Once you log in, you can start uploading. videos, working with documents and files you want to share via email. Also, you can access all albums and document folders created in your computer. With a single tab, you can sincronize all documents in the cloud and ready to access in all your devices (PC, Laptop, tablet and smartphones). Indoubtedly, Skydrive for Android is a key to improve the connectivity of all the features of Microsoft that you can manage with  your Hotmail account.