5 tips for buying used house

The purchase of a home is one of the largest financial expenditures that is made in life. In some cases, people who have acquired a property later have dealt with transfer problems or unforeseen expenses because the structure is in poor condition sell house fast. That is why I share with you five tips before acquiring a used real estate, to avoid possible headaches.


1) Review the home

When buying a property it is common to review certain aspects such as the installation of light, gas, faucets, etc. To this practice we must add the measurement of rooms, corridors and terraces to see if it matches the total mt 2 offered by the owner. It is also advisable to make several visits at different times of the day. This shows if the house is bright or dark, if it is noisy at certain times or if the neighbors are annoying.

Other relevant information provided by the owner is the type of reforms that have been carried out and their date. If the bathroom or the pipes have been changed, if windows that insulate the cold have been installed or the kitchen has been renovated, the house will have more value. Although it can be a little embarrassing, it is worth asking the owner to show the bills that justify these reforms.


2) Talk to the neighbors

The details that neighbors can give are also important, so in one of the visits you can ask if there is a problem with the home you want to buy.

There are cases in which a department is too cheap for a reason: there are annoying people in the property or similar situations. It is important to find out before it is too late.


3) Go to property registry

When the buyer decides on a home, even before making the decision, must go to the Land Registry to inquire about the ownership and burdens that may weigh on the property. This step is fundamental. Even when it comes to people who are known or if the sale is made in a small town where trust prevails.

First of all you have to verify that the street, the number and the square meters match what the owner sells. Then it is worth checking that the number of owners is the one declared by the seller.  If it is a marriage both must sign the sale, as it happens if the house belongs to several brothers. It is an extreme where great caution must be exercised, because if one of the co-owners does not agree, the buyer will find a house that is not entirely his.


4) Investigate debts in the building or community

Another of the checks that must be done before advancing the money  is that the owner of the house  is up to date in the payments of the aliquots.  To do this, you must talk to the administrator or the board of administration. Otherwise, the debts may fall on the buyer of the home.


5) Investigate in the bank

Before paying a down payment for the home, one must be sure that the bank will grant the mortgage, since there may be prior obligations on that property.