There are many reasons why meditating will become one of your preferred practices either to start the day or to close it. Daily stress can have great consequences on your physical and emotional health. If you are one of those who suffer from anxiety we leave you these tips that will help you stay in the present and more in tune with yourself wofs haircut may 2019.

1. Find a comfortable position. It does not matter if it’s in a chair, on a cushion or on the floor. The important thing is that you relax.

2. Retreat in a silent space. Try to meditate in a place where noise is not a distraction.10 tips to meditate – jardin-maitri-yoga-y-masajes-3

3. Do not put yourself a time limit. No matter the duration of your practice, the important thing is quality. Therefore, do not pressure yourself by setting a time limit.

4. Repeat a mantra. The repetition of mantras will help you to stay focused on your intention. Among the most popular mantras are “Om” or “Aum” and “Shanti”.

5. Concentrate on the breath. Count to ten, inhalations as odd numbers and exhalations as pairs.

6. Make a diagnosis of your body. Use your mind as if it were a scanner, feel each part of your body and identify tensions or pains. These will help you to realize your hidden feeling.

7. Play relaxing music. Another way to concentrate is to listen to relaxing music. Listen and separate each instrument from the others.

8. Light incense. Let your senses complement your practice. Incense will make you feel cleaner and fill the atmosphere with good vibes.

9. Thanks. Before closing your practice, give thanks for three things that you consider valuable.

10. Take some time. Before getting up and continuing with your activities, take a moment to register how you feel.