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Circle of Serbian Sisters

History of the Circle of Serbian Sisters

On December 29, 1930, the Srpska Vila was organized. The first meeting took place in Laza Vosovic’s build¬ing with Fr. Paul Velko presiding. Mrs. Dragica Vranes was chairperson, and during the first meeting, seventy members were enrolled. The first elected executive board was comprised of the following members: Dorothy Vranes, president; Martha Evosovic, vice-president (only to be replaced two months later by Anna Medich); Marta Studen, treasurer; Eva Momich, secretary (also replaced after two months by Martha Trbovich). The auditing board included Sophie Vuletic, Smija Bratich, and Mildred Bomestar.
During the first few years, the organization spent most of its efforts on becoming better established not only as an organ of the church community, but also as a financially elect kolo. Through various social events such as dances, picnics, and banquets, the financial stability was gained.
The first major accomplishment occurred with the purchasing of two lots on Midland Avenue for a little over two thousand dollars. This land, however, was determined unsuitable as a church location, and as a re¬sult, the Sisters gave these lots plus one hundred additional dollars towards the fund to build a Serbian National Home. Four years following these events, definite actions were taken to build the American Yugo¬slav Club. The established organization of the club, in turn, was held responsible for the purchasing of the land for the location of a new church.
With the onset of the war, a bleak and dismal time overcame many Serbian families as they said farewell to their young boys called to fight for freedom. The Serbian Sisters were staunch in their dedication to the brave youth as they held banquets for those entering the service. They also made pastries and care packages to be shipped abroad, and knitted scarves for the servicemen.
In 1945, the “young” Serbian Sisters Circle was or ganized with the following executive board: Anna Tepovich, president; Dorothy Tepsich, vice-president; Mildred Drakulich, secretary; and Mary Disdore; treasur¬er. By 1948, however, the two individual circles combined into one. Together, they assumed the name Srpska Vila and chose their as krsna slava the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mala Gospojna. A most instrumental supporter in the building of the new church, the Srpska Vila donated generously not only in currency but also bought various items including the stained glass windows of the Bogorodica, a black robe for the priest, large candelabras, and an excessive donation towards the purchasing of bells.
By 1946, our community was eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new priest, Father Milorad Dobrota. That year the Sisters sponsored a Labor Day Picnic and the profits yielded from that event were used for Father and Popadija’s plane fare from Italy to the U.S. When they came in 1947, since no parish house was con¬structed, Father and Popadija were temporary houseguests of dedicated sister Dragica Vranes. When the home was built, the Sisters furnished the entire house with carpeting. In addition to this, through the the Sister’s grace, our altar was also carpeted.
Throughout their years of existence, the Sisters have been very instrumental in the perpetuation of our Serbian Club. Because of our kolo, the club was supplied a complete commercial kitchen. Equally as significant, generous amounts of money were donated on countless occasions to the American-Serbian Club.
More recently, the Sisters have been the source of major contributions, refurnishings, and improvements throughout our community both secular and religious. They provided for the carpeting which presently covers our church; made many large donations to the Diocesan headquarters, the church, the St. George Junior Tamburitzans and Junior Church choir, the Dr. Laza Kostich Choir; other church affiliated organizations they also donated to charities, funds, and projects outside of our Serbian community. The most recent donation came with the purchasing of kitchen utensils for the Shadeland Campgrounds at the cost of five hundred dollars at that time.
In retrospect, the past eighty and more years were both individually and collectively outstanding in unselfish dedica¬tion to all Serbian Orthodox people. A very hard working and productive organization that the Sisters are is much deserving of all recognition, respect, and honor due them. God grant them all peace, health, and happiness always.

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