Platform Beds – Maximizing Your Bedroom Storage

Our bedrooms are where we spend a third of our day and often they are the least spacious when compared to other rooms. Can bedrooms be well designed to also provide optimum storage? Yes, and this article will provide you with some ideas on how to utilize your bed for storage space best luxury beds natural Singapore.

In the world of sleep products there are many components that make up a comfortable sleep system. From choosing the right mattress, right down to selecting pillows and bedding, much of what we select in our bed reflects our own tastes and desires for a comfortable night’s sleep. Among these one of the most important components to your bed is the frame itself. In this article we’ll examine platform beds and why they can make a great addition to your sleep system.

Platform beds are easily defined. They are beds that use a built in foundation that consists most usually of either a slat system or paneling system that supports a mattress only. No box springs or other foundations are used as the bed itself has its own foundation built into it. The characteristics of platform beds typically can be described as beds that have space and openness beneath the bed and sleep at about the same or just a bit lower than a traditional mattress box spring bed.

Because platform beds utilize more space with the absence of a box spring unit this opens up the area beneath the bed for other uses. One of the most popular under bed designs in platform beds has been the introduction of drawer units beneath the bed. Some platform beds are available with under bed storage that will be either integrated into the bed system or are independent of the bed system itself. Integrated under bed storage units are usually divided into two separate units that attach to the headboard and footboard. Two drawers are typical to each side of the bed and provide space saving storage space for smaller bedrooms. Beds that are available with drawers independent of the bed system are a nice feature in that they can be added later if they are needed.

Another use for platform beds is creating storage lift systems into the bed. Again, that space beneath the bed that is created by not using a box spring or foundation into the design of the bed frees up space for other applications. Storage lift systems are created by designing a box like design into the platform of the bed. Hydraulic lift systems are designed into the bed system and the primary platform consisting of slats or panels attaches to those lifts. Placing the mattress on top of the bed, all that the user has to do is lift up the platform on the hydraulic system and it rises up to reveal storage beneath the mattress.

Besides these features there are also options available at both the headboard and footboard of these platform beds. Many bed styles make available bookcase storage headboards which provide ample storage as well as a place for books, alarm clock and much more. Footboards have seen many interesting designs incorporated into platform beds. One of which is a pop-up TV unit which makes for a great viewing experience by remote or tethered controller. Modern units feature lifts which move the television up and down within the unit. Another footboard design has been to create a bench at the foot of the bed. Some styles are fold out which allows them to be out of the way when not in use. While other designs incorporate the bench into the footboard design with leather or fabric cushions.

In this article we’ve discussed platform beds and the many options they provide due in part to their unique design up off of the ground. Having more space beneath the platform allows these beds to be configured with a variety of storage options. Among these storage options are under bed storage which provides drawers beneath the bed that will accommodate clothing or bedding. As well as bed lift storage which are often on hydraulics allowing you to lift the platform of the bed up to reveal storage beneath. Headboard and footboard units on platform beds can also be configured with options such as bookcase storage or bench seating to provide the user with additional extras that provide more function to their bedroom.

The advantages that platform beds offer over other beds, becomes immediately clear when you consider the open look and feel that many platform designs offer. Conventional mattress box spring beds are unable to offer regular height storage solutions that platform beds are easily able to provide. If you’re actively looking for a new bed design I encourage you to consider the benefits that platform beds have to offer.

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