20 tips to awaken your soul and shake up your life

I came up with this reflection that I would like to share with you:



1) *Don’t react!
Whatever they do to you, whatever they tell you, flatter you or attack you, just let it flow and don’t react Matses Tribe.


2) Practice detachment in all its forms:
Everything is temporary, momentary.

You cannot control the disappearance, death or extinction of people or objects.

Accepting this fact takes a great weight off your shoulders.


3) Travel light:
Do not impose backpacks on your back, nor carry too many weights.

Only agree to bring what is essential on this journey called LIFE.


4) Grant Forgiveness to all:
Do not poison your heart with hatred or resentment. Learn to tame your dragons!

The one who gets damaged is always yourself

And meanwhile, the world keeps spinning and you get sick.


5) Fall in love with Life:
Love everything the Universe contains, from a small caterpillar to a towering tree. Be passionate about your today, your tomorrows, your afternoons, your nights.

Love life !


6) Be aware of your actions:
Every step you take, at every moment, do it from the BEING, from consciousness, not from thought,

Which is always conditioned by the ego.


7) Become “Presence”:
Stay in the Here and Now. Focus your life on the present moment as if you had no past, no memory,

As if you had no future.


8) Remember that “You will die.”
Don’t remember it for a day, or a week, or a season. Remember forever that you will die!

It is inevitable, your physical body will die, so don’t hold on to anything.


9) Accept not knowing what will happen tomorrow:
Become a new BEING every day, renew yourself like life itself. Dust off your old thoughts and recycle them. Invent yourself anew at every dawn.

Who said you are the same?


10) May Love be your motto, your banner and your guide:
Let it be the starting point and the arrival point, but above all, let it be,

the way. Become Love, giving up the lies of the ego, and embracing your soul.


11) Be friends with your story:
It is the only way to heal your traumas.

It is what it is.

Don’t be stubborn trying to modify something that already IS the way it is.


12) Meditate, pray:
Take care of your spaces and your environment of solitude and silence.

Empty yourself and fill yourself with the God of the universe!!! Learn to program yourself every night to have a magical next day.


13) You are still alive:
There is still time to enjoy this wonderful world, find your path and the reason why you are here.

Do not complain,

Don’t lament, fall on your knees giving thanks because you are alive!


14) Don’t think: Stop that mind that scrutinizes, analyzes, reviews, and judges everything.
Those constant and repetitive thoughts are more of the same.

Don’t you see it? From there, from that inner struggle of your mind,

nothing will change. Your thoughts only make noise and entertain you, but they will not solve or create anything.

Use your brain for specific things; like your work and those activities that require thinking… The rest of the time just “BE YOU”.


15) Always choose Health:
In your food, in your thoughts,

in your emotions,

in your relationships, in your look,

In your actions, in your words, in everything choose to be healthy.

You were born healthy, don’t choose to get sick.


16) Trust in the God of the universe:
Have FAITH, love the God within you.


17) Take the best journey you can take: It is the journey back to yourself.
That journey that is your best adventure and is also your conquest and your legacy.


18) Help others find their way:
There is no better gift, there is no better love,

The service is Joy.


19) Be happy in all the circumstances of your life:
You are not the circumstances. Don’t identify with your story. Return to the source of happiness that is your Soul.

There lives the God of the universe in you. Without forgetting that you are part of the whole


20) May your life be a testimony:
A miracle,

a song of hope,

a bright grain of sand, a voice,


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