The significance of Geotechnical Engineering

When you are looking at a construction site, you will see that there are many different people working. Different professions are working together Pipe Inspection Services. Most people might think that you will only find builders, contractors, and architectures at a building site.

However, you will also find geotechnical engineers on site. And, they are quite important to have on-site, if you want to make sure that your building project is successful and the structure is going to last. For those that don’t know much about these engineers, these are some of the reasons why they are so important to any building site.

They are experts in earth engineering

Geotechnical engineers are experts in geotechnical engineering, which is a specialist discipline dealing with the earth and its soils. Meaning that they have experience and knowledge about soil, rock and underground water.

This is important to have someone at the construction site, that knows everything about the soil types and rock at the construction site. To ensure that the building or structure is built correctly and strong.

Ensuring long-term stability of structures

Without having geotechnical engineers at a construction site, you don’t have the reassurance about the long-term stability of the structure. Through the implementation of a full site investigation and mapping, the surrounding soil are analysed and engineers determine if there is any underground water that will influence the stability and the durability of a structure.

And, the only person that will be able to know if the soil is correct for the type of structure that is going to be built there, is a geotechnical engineer with experience in soil and earth engineering.

Preventing erosion during construction

Many people don’t see the importance of preventing erosion. Especially, when it comes to a construction site. However, there are many reasons why it is essential to prevent erosion while building.

Erosion can cause serious damage to the foundation of the structure. Making it weak right from the start. And, this is why a geotechnical engineer is important. Through their construction inspections, they are making sure that the construction site is protected against erosion. Meaning that they are considering erosion prevention during construction. They implement different erosion prevention methods to ensure that erosion won’t happen while construction is taking place.

Assessing ground stability during construction

As experts in the field of soil testing, throughout the whole construction process, geotechnical engineers are making sure that the ground and soil is stable. Assessing ground stability during construction on a regular basis. If there is any sign of ground stability problems, they are putting a hold on the project and making sure that the ground is made stable again.

If they don’t find that the ground is stable enough, they will not give the all-clear that the construction can continue. Without the ground is stable, the stability and strength of the building will be compromised at the end of the day. Risking millions of lives on a daily basis.

Testing the structure during construction

The geotechnical engineers are also subject the structure to various geotechnical testing procedures during construction. Making sure that the concrete is durable, stable and not compromising the lives of the construction workers and those of the public once the building is finished.

There are different ways that they are testing these structures, and they will not let the builders continue building if there are any risks to the building. Long-term or short-term.

There are many reasons why geotechnical engineers are important to any construction site. And, they aren’t just important before the construction starts. They are also important during the construction to ensure the stability of the soil and construction. Without them at construction sites, we will have a lot more problems with erosion and buildings that will be low in quality and is a risk to everyone entering the building. This is why any construction site needs to have geotechnical engineers on site.

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