How to Write Sheet Music For the Piano

The first step to writing music for the piano is obtaining sheet music. You can buy blank sheet music on-line or at a local book or music store. When looking for blank sheet music you should look for pages that have staves big enough for you to write on. After you get blank sheet music you should learn the basics of music notation if you haven’t done so already. this includes, but is not limited to:

Time Signatures
Key Signatures
Note Values
Pitch Notation
Measure Lines
Repeat Bars

Once you understand basic notation, start playing at the piano and begin collecting melodies, motifs, chord progressions, or any random musical thoughts that you happen to think of yiruma. When you compile enough of said ideas, look to link together different ideas with bridge phrases or match a melody to a chord progression and bass line. Don’t be afraid to write something down, even if it seems silly at the time. You never know when that idea could come in handy, and also if you are too judging you will never progress. Most of the time that is where the creative process stops for people. If you get over the original fear and keep records of your ideas no matter how easy or “stupid” they may be, you will begin to understand the creative process.

Now that you are linking your musical phrases together you should look for artistic unity within your song or piece. You should ask yourself: Are the components of my composition cohesive and organized? Does the content make the listener want to hear more, or is it a bore? What can I do to improve my composition? If you find that you are unsatisfied with your work and are overwhelmed… DO NOT DISCARD THAT WORK. Simply take a break and come back to it again, maybe take a new perspective on the work. Finally, when you are done with the composition, play it for a good friend and ask their opinion on it. Make sure that it is a friend who will be straight with you and tell you the truth about your piano song. Also, don’t let their opinion let you decide to trash your work or become embarrassed. Finally, have fun writing piano sheet music because not many people are talented enough to do so!