If you have read our articles dedicated to testosterone, you certainly already know that there are many ways to increase its rate naturally. However, there are more or less effective methods that will allow you to develop your muscle mass faster fat burners.

Each of us has a higher or lower testosterone level. And of course, men naturally produce more than women. Even if they also need to be healthy, or boost their physical performance. However, this genetic base is not inevitable, and it is perfectly possible to increase it significantly thanks to natural methods that are perfectly safe for the body.

So whether you want to gain muscle or get rid of your body fat with higher testosterone levels. And you’re not a patient; here are our best techniques to increase your testosterone levels quickly!


The first technique to boost your testosterone level is to pay attention to what you eat. In general, if you play sports regularly, the content of your plate is essential to accompany your physical efforts. But by adapting your diet, and paying special attention to all meals of the day, you may have higher testosterone levels. Here’s how.


The first thing to do to increase your testosterone levels quickly is to lose weight. In fact, people who are overweight or obese usually have a lower rate. If you are in this situation, the first thing to do is to follow a diet that will allow you to get rid of those extra pounds.

In general and whatever your current weight, it is recommended to avoid consuming too much sugar. Substitute healthier foods like fruits and vegetables. But also good fats (which you will find in oily fish such as salmon, but also nuts and vegetable oils). This is called saturated fatty acids.

A healthier diet will also allow you to eliminate your fat mass. Which is doubly interesting since these are bad for your level of testosterone? But also because it will allow you to better define your musculature.

Now let’s go to the tips to apply, meal by meal.


If we generally tend to skip breakfast, it’s a big mistake. This is indeed the most important meal of your day. Indeed, you cannot spend so much of your day without bringing to your body (and in particular to your muscles) the nutrients they need to recover, and function normally. If you want to increase your testosterone levels, it will be even more important.

For breakfast, the idea is to favor foods rich in protein to nourish your muscle tissue. Carbohydrate so your body gets all the energy it needs. Ditto for the vitamins that will boost your body.

Last tip to remember: hydrate yourself properly. At least two to three glasses of water in the morning.


Lunch is also very important, especially since we tend to take it on the run. And do not always pay attention to what you eat. Yet it is essential to regain strength and hold until the end of the day.

Again, it is advisable to consume a good dose of protein. Also avoid ready-made dishes (but also industrial sauces), which often contain hidden sugar. And exposes you to a greater risk of being overweight.


Dinner is also crucial to achieving your physical goal. It is therefore important to adapt the contents of your plate accordingly. Fill up on protein and zinc-rich foods, an essential nutrient to boost your testosterone levels quickly.


If you have a dip between meals, it is not advisable to wait before eating. Indeed, an empty stomach is not a good thing to increase your testosterone levels. But rather than rush to industrial preparations, you can favor fruits or dried fruits (rich in unsaturated fatty acid).

Also remember to hydrate yourself well throughout the day. This also applies to the periods between meals.


The way you train also affects your testosterone levels. And in addition to a good diet, your workout routine will play a very important role in increasing your testo levels quickly.

Be careful though; as it can also have the opposite effect and make it fall dangerously. For example, and contrary to what one might think, training too long (especially for endurance sports) will not be beneficial to your testosterone production.