Health Care and the Epidemic of Obesity

The biggest health care problem in America right now is obesity and studies show that those who are obese don’t want to hear it.Proper health care is one of the most important aspects to living a long life and that doesn’t just mean seeing your physician once a year for a checkup, although that is an essential part to remaining healthy. The foundation for proper health is found in a wide variety of choices you make every day including what foods you eat and what type of lifestyle choices you employ.

A healthy diet is part of the foundation for your healthy life style health coach vancouver WA. People who exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding drugs, smoking, and alcohol are the same people who don’t have an appetite for fast food or experience the high risk health problems associated with this life style choice including obesity. Obesity is the leading cause of many of the health problems in America right now and it is a disorder that is 100% avoidable. Obesity causes an increase in almost every type of health risk including heart disease, diabetes, strokes, cancer and premature death.

The sad fact is many people simply refuse to believe that being overweight puts their health or life in danger according to a survey that was recently conducted in the ER of a hospital in Florida with 450 patients who were seen because of their obesity related health problems. Many of those surveyed stated that they did not discuss their weight with their doctors and many doctors who did discuss the issue of weight related disorder with their patients, stated that their concerns fell on death ears as patients simply did not want to hear that they were overweight. Denial seems to play a huge part in patients who go from mildly over weight to clinically obsess and fail to take the preventative steps to help themselves. Proper health care is more essential than ever if we want to stop this growing problem that is engulfing the nation and putting more and more lives at risk every day.

For those that watch the lifestyle channel, you may remember Ruby an obese woman who at 700 some pounds was told by her doctor that she would die if she failed to lose weight and undertook the challenge to save her life on a documentary style reality show. Showcasing the steps to proper health care, Ruby lost hundreds of pounds through exercise, diet, counseling and learning how to have a healthier life style including the foods she choose to consume and how much she ate. The show was inspiring to many people who like Ruby have reach the point in their lives where they can no longer ignore their doctor’s warnings about the very real risk factors associated with obesity and as Ruby lost weight she helped prove that it was possible to have a healthy life after obesity.

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