Feng Shui Real Estate

I have had the pleasure of speaking to Real Estate Agents about the benefits of applying Feng Shui into house sales and attracting listings for years now. They have a profound interest, now more then ever, on the ancient principles we have been using for years to get that house off the market and SOLD for a good asking price. They have also been surprised to hear a few of the things I have come across in dealing with potential buyers that they were unaware of previously.

For example, many Real Estate Agents were not aware that as a Feng Shui Consultant, we are often called in for “emergency” Feng Shui Consultations. They don’t mention it to their agents out of fear or embarrassment but they have found a home they love and want to make a bid on but are afraid the home won’t “support” them from a Feng Shui perspective.

Consultants are also used because the client has a basic understanding and awareness of Feng Shui wofs calculator and want to know about certain areas of the home and how it is likely to affect their lives if they purchase the home. They sometimes call because no one has told them the history of a house and in Feng Shui, we believe in what is called “Predecessor Energy” or the Energy of occupants who previously occupied the space. They believe, as we do, that energy can leave an “imprint.” If the home was left under good circumstances, such as the previous owner moving up in the world, they feel they will as well; if, on the other hand, a divorce or foreclosure has occurred, they have concerns that they are not buying a home with a good background.

Since potential home buyers are looking at a home from a different perspective, Real Estate Agents with knowledge of Feng Shui principles and an openness and awareness of the subject can help set them at ease. It is not mentioned, however, during discussions because of reluctance on the homeowner’s part. While Feng Shui is still considered by some to be a “trend,” I can assure you it’s here to stay and best to get an understanding of it and then openly discuss your knowledge with your clients.

It is often sad to hear that someone has found a home they love but have called in a Consultant only to hear that for one reason or another, the home will not be an auspicious place for them to live. It must be addressed here that there is still fear and negativity with some forms of Feng Shui and Agents can seek to dispel that or call in a Consultant who believes that a home truly can, with simple and inexpensive adjustments, support and provide wonderful things for their new occupants. The potential client is often grateful for the knowledge and assistance of the Agent who has gone the extra steps to assess a home while looking at it from a different viewpoint.

If it sounds too difficult to learn some Feng Shui principles to support your sales and attract new clients, the subject of Feng Shui does not need to be daunting or time consuming. It opens up a new dialect and discussion with your client and your willingness and openness to their well-being is considered a true asset to them, one that will be appreciated long after your role in selling the home is over.

Contact a consultant or pick up a book for a basic knowledge of Feng Shui and learn what you’re missing.